The University of Arizona wanted to distinguish itself from the other major universities who also used a large block letter A as a brand identity. The Arizona State University, University of Alabama and Auburn University and a few others had a similar brand identity. In order to establish a solid design criteria we interviewed administrators, alumni, faculty, donors and students to understand culture, history, competition and most importantly the unique difference The University of Arizona enjoys. Determining the primary image attributes – those characteristics most desired to be communicated with a brand identity is a process that requires inclusion from representatives from all constituents to be accurate and successful. Established equity was determined to be only the colors red and blue, as they were historical. 
The University’s branding committee settled on these brand attributes: innovation, athletic prowess and academic excellence. The University had many examples of innovative programs, innovative courses and innovative outcomes. The success of the athletic program was known nationally and generated significant revenue.  The primary difference between The University of Arizona and Arizona State University and other competitive institutions is the quality of the academic programs.  Each brand attribute is supported by indisputable evidence. 
These characteristics became the design criteria which lead to the double A logo design featuring a classic serif font A surrounded by the powerful sans serif block A design. To add another dimension of distinction, the official communicative name was changed to The University of Arizona, a branding technique soon followed by The University of Ohio, The Johns Hopkins University and others. 
Of note on this project is the way in which the brand identity represents both the institutional brand and the athletic brand equally. This is very unusual in higher education, as typically the athletic program graphics are very different from the institutional brand identity.