Million Dollar Walk

We often underestimate the power of simple symbols in our campus culture and what they communicate to people about our shared belief system. And, as often found, subtle symbolism on school campus actually overrides or conflicts with the marketing messages that the school or college is projecting.

Walk on any school or college campus and you will quickly get a feel for the culture of the place, but it is likely not just from words spoken. If you pay just a little bit of attention, you can pick up icons, symbols, and other visual expressions of culture just by walking around snapping a few photos or videos. For example, a campus with really poor or aging navigational signage might have a hard time reinforcing a marketing message that it is an open and inviting community to all. Or, a campus with a very formal communication interaction or style between faculty and students may have a hard time building a credible marketing message of student-centeredness.

We have created a ‘fresh eyes’ offering to walk your campus, following the same route you take prospective families. We study your brand including messaging, vision, values, brand identity, motto, etc. We photograph the tour, brainstorm about how your school can better communicate its brand from and environmental perspective and deliver our ideas in a presentation. We show our ideas with before and after images. Our ideas may range from upgrading signage, adding thematic graphics campus-wide, interior and exterior improvements – maybe even encouragement to the grounds crew for enhanced campus maintenance.

Some examples follow.