This is our story.

Jensen Design Studio is a consulting design firm. We specialize in brand identity work. Our newest offering, ‘Million Dollar Walk’ seeks to create a memorable brand experience during the campus walk for your prospects. We deliver a set of recommendations that, if implemented, would turn the campus tour into a brand discovery path. With fresh eyes, we first grasp your brand including value proposition, vision, values, mission, and key messages. We then take your current tour, photographing everything we see and experience. These photos become the foundation for our work, as we look carefully for opportunities using kiosks, lighting, landscaping, digital graphics, wall graphics, and sculptures.

We aim to ensure that each stop along the tour reflects a crucial element of your institution's brand and culture. While every project is tailored to your specific needs, it's worth noting that the majority of our suggestions take into account current trends, the most effective communication methods, the strategic placement of messaging, and having toured hundreds of schools and colleges. Our final output consists of recommendations to transform the campus tour into a million-dollar experience.