The pressure was on. Little time. Little budget. Deadline quickly approaching.  Two and four year old grandchildren, Grant and Gavin, were coming for lunch and a Sunday afternoon visit. We wanted a new fun activity for these curious, active boys. We had planned to have pizza for lunch, so why not make it a “make your own pizza lunch”?  This idea quickly escalated into a full-blown effort to create a pop-up store in three hours. We first named the store – G&G Italian Pizzeria – after Grant and Gavin’s first initials. Then a brand identity using the primary image attributes of Italian, classy and mainstream American pizza. The brand ID quickly became the signage of the pop-up and the table marker.  A pizzeria is not complete without the chef’s in hats, branded, of course, with the G&G logo. (It’s amazing what one can do with cover stock and tissue paper in 30 minutes) We pieced together red and green aprons and we were ready. The event was a success and afterwards Ryan created the video to further promote the event.  The pizza was good too.